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March 2014
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2013 Award Ceremony

North Myrtle Beach Rescue Squad held its annual awards banquet at Callie Bakers Firehouse Grill where we passed out, awards that’s is.
The 2013 Member of the Year was Kris Dobinson. Kris, who serves as a Captain with the Merchant Marines, donates a lot of time to NMB Rescue Squad his when he is not out on the rolling seas, like he as the night of the awards.
In 2013 Kris spent 425 hours running on the ambulance and answered medical 137 calls. Kris is also on the water rescue team and contributes time there when he is on dry land. Kris is always available to do stand-bys at community events, like the Myrtle Beach Marathon and the Monday After The Masters charity tournament. Kris has been a member for five years. Congratulation Kris and thanks for all that you do.


Mike Heiser received an award for answering 1,250 calls. Only one other person in the squad’s history has received recognition for reaching this milestone achievement. Mike is an Intermediate EMT and has been a member for approximately 13 years. Mike started out as a cadet when he was just 16 years old. Mike is also a member of the Board of Directors and has served on the board for a few years. Congratulations Mike!

We also gave a few awards for reaching the 250 call count level. This year’s recipients included….May I have the envelope please…..
Kris Dobinson- OK now, let’s give other’s a chance and don’t be too greedy. As you know, Kris also won the Member of the Year award for 2013. Good thing we don’t have a Ms. or Mr. Congeniality Award or he might not have been able to carry them all.

Christian Lara – Christian is a Paramedic with NMB Rescue and in his spare time he works full time for Horry County Fire Rescue. Christian has been a member for approximately 3 years and also works with the water rescue team. He has been on the Board for two years although to him it seems more like ten.
Pam Wingate – Pam is our fearless leader, having served as Chief for two terms. (Just don’t put a spider on her) Pam is a Paramedic and also works for Horry County Fire Rescue. As Chief, Pam spends a lot of time keeping all of us all inline and pulling out here hair in exasperation. She too also works with the water rescue team and keeps threatening to drown unruly members.
In 2013, we had a tie vote for the Call Of The Year. Both calls were completed by our water rescue team.

wr call 1
The first call involved rescuing a stranded boat from Waite Island. Responding to the call was Randy Gardner( missing from photo), Julie Phillips, Brian Cavallo and Chris Price.

The second call involved the search and rescue for a missing surfer. The responding crew spent over four hours in the unsuccessful search for the person. Those who responded to the call included Randy Gardner(who is still missing from the picture), Pam Wingate, John Wylie, Chris Walden, Christian Lara, Brandon Cavallo, ( and the still missing )Kris Dobinson and Ryan Sigworth.

Eat 1 eat 2

Those who didn’t get an award got an extra dessert. From the way it looked, they were pretty good.
Congratulations to all these fine members for their service and the time they give to the NMB community.

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